How do I make posting problems free in Lnsolve?


I created this website for people to use it. Though it's very rare for visitors to submit their own questions. I want to make it easier by making posting problems free. I don't want the OP to spend, but the person answering be rewarded. Do you have suggestions? Ads aren't an option.

Reward: 10000 sats



You're basically searching for the Holy Grail of website monetization :) I guess cross-financing or even JavaScript mining is also not an option ... However, I have an idea: You could create a "paywalled" model for questions (apart from the normal "paid model", where the OP pays everything), where posting questions and viewing the first couple of lines of the answer would be free, but users (including the OP) could only view the complete answer if they spend a minimal amount via LN (~1 cent or less). This payment would then go to the person who wrote the answer. It would be a bit similar to Y'alls. I think it would be good if users could choose between both models for questions. Very specific questions would have more chances to be answered with the original paid model, while questions with possible "popular" answers could attract writers who speculate on many users spending the 1 cent to view it.